About Us

Assistant Director

Boundless enthusiasm, contagious smile, and lots of musical talent she graciously shares.  Turns out it’s genetic. It was all but inevitable that Carol Bill, daughter of a barbershopper, would join the Eastern Long Island Chorus, now the Long Island Sound Chorus, 38 years ago, and we’re so glad she did.

Over the years Carol has served on the chapter Board of Directors, the Choreography Team, and the Musical Team.  She has been the Lead Section Leader and an Assistant Director.  In addition to her work with the chorus, she has sung lead in a number of quartets including North Star, Hometown USA, Four Seasons, Summer Windsong, and Moondance, and C’est La Vie. 

Carol has had the privilege of representing Region 15 on the International stage, twice with Summer Windsong, and twice with Moondance.  She has also competed with the Greater Nassau Chorus at the International level.

Carol is generous with her time in working with the chorus and in coaching quartets within the chorus.  She has the gift of being completely pleasant while demanding correct vowels, forward motion, and enthusiastic faces from the singers. It must be that smile. 

In the rest of her life, Carol works as an assistant customer service representative for an insurance agency.  After 35 years, she is still the lead vocalist with Big Band East; an 18-piece combo renowned on the East End of Long Island. 

The Sweet Adeline bug has trickled down to the next generation.  Carol’s daughter has competed with our chorus in the past.  Who knows?  Maybe after her grandchildren are launched her daughter will find her way back to the captivating world of Sweet Adelines.

The Long Island Sound Chorus is proud to play an important role in promoting the Arts through its unique style of four-part harmony in our community. We have the privilege, through education and performance, to enhance the lives of young and old alike.