Reflections of A Newbie


By Jackie Moss, Long Island Sound Chapter

Dressed in a black derby and tuxedo top I checked the bathroom mirror one last time. The transformation was complete.  Walking toward the elevator, I took my place among the Liza Minnelli look alikes.  “At Last” filled the small alcove, and as the last grace note faded, our director bowed her head and smiled.  “That was gorgeous, girls,” she said.  We knew it wasn’t flattery.

Quiet in the Primp Room read the sign on the door.  We sat in silence thinking: about the songs, about the writers, the arrangers, and the many people who made the competition possible.  I thought about how, once again, I was in the perfect place doing the perfect thing with my Sweet Adelines.

The announcement came: “Under the direction of Peggy DiSunno, the Long Island Sounds Chorus!”  As we began to sing I felt like a beautiful hibiscus in full bloom, reaching for the spotlight.  At one point, the room became still and quiet.  That’s when I knew we had gotten the prize we had come for.

I have never been a competitive person but I have to tell you that I wept, I leaped, and I hugged for joy when it was announced that my new chorus had won awards, including first place in the small chorus category.  I was on a peak high; that is until we met in the hospitality room to go over our scores.

The remarks were sobering.  I descended to Earth with a thud!  I could see the road in front of me would be paved with practice, practice and more practice but the prize of touching others would be worth it.