About Us


Our Director

I have been a fan of Sweet Adelines since High School as my vocal teacher was a Sweet Adeline.  I was in a barbershop quartet, and we used to sing in the Sweet Adeline shows.  We had such fun!

In 1974, I joined Sweet Adelines and have had such great experiences.  I sang baritone in the chorus and competed every year in Philadelphia, under the direction of Jim Strong.  We had very clever costumes and themes each year.  After Jim retired, we had a couple of new directors but the last director quit unexpectedly in 2003.  I stepped off the risers and directed an upcoming show, my first directing gig.  The chorus asked me to stay on as the director and I have been there ever since.  I was officially appointed the director in Jan. of 2004.

Being in front of the girls has been a wonderful experience.  Our chorus emotes joy and we love to sing and perform.  When we rehearse on Wednesday nights, we escape for the evening in our music.  It’s the best!  I am a retired Kindergarten teacher and I feel all you really need to know about life you do learn in Kindergarten and in Sweet Adelines!  Our rehearsals are filled with well-planned instruction and singing, laughter and an emphasis on the core values that help us succeed.  The mutual caring and respect we all share is a beautiful thing.

I received my Director Certification in 2006 and served on the Regional team as the Region’s Team Coordinator from 2006- 2011.  I enjoy teaching and helping choruses with leadership success.  In the past I was the Nominations Chair for the Regional Team.  I have also helped several choruses with their transition from Board of Directors to Team Management governing styles.  I have taught classes at our Regional weekends on Leadership and on helpful hints for successful chorus rehearsals.

The Long Island Sound Chorus has placed first in regional competitions three times since 2003.  In 2013, we received 1st place Small Chorus medals, 5th place overall medals and I received the Harriette Walters Leadership Award.

For almost 5 years, I was dual member with the Greater Nassau chorus under the direction of Harriette Walters.  I sang baritone and competed in the top ten on the International stage 3 different years, earning International medals. What a wonderful experience!

When not singing barbershop, I enjoy being with my family, my husband, Dave and our three children, our five grandchildren and our four grand-dogs!.   Entertaining our family is tops on my list of enjoyable things to do.


Our Management Team

Our chapter’s choice of governance is the Team Management Style of governing. We are a team made up of seven coordinator positions plus the director for an eight member team. Our fiscal year runs from May 1st through April 30th each year. A term on the management team is for 2 years, and members may run for 3 consecutive terms, or a total of 6 years.The Director is a permanent member of the team.

Director Peggy Disunno
Team Coordinator Linda Beck
Finance Coordinator Evelyn Gillespie
Communications Coordinator
Ellen Greaves
Events Coordinator Sandy Coleman
Marketing/Tech. Coordinator Donna Mancuso
Membership Coordinator Nicole Andreassi
Activities Coordinator Grace Panousis

Our Chorus

Section Leaders:

  • Lead – Thea DiSunno
  • Bass – Linda Gorniok
  • Baritone – Donna Mancuso
  • Tenor – Peggy DiSunno
  • Assistant Director – Linda Gorniok


Tenors: Leads: Baritones: Basses:
  • Susan Goldstein
  • Kathy Vatter
  • Linda Beck
  • Mae Biancone
  • Diane Blohm
  • Sandy Coleman
  • Jacquie Cronin
  • Thea DiSunno
  • Julia Gentile
  • Evelyn Gillespie
  • Heather Lee
  • Rosalie Luber
  • Cheryl Luparella
  • Carol Mason
  • Lisa Ross
  • Karen Cummings
  • Kathy Solomon
  • Vicki Walter
  • Jackie Moss
  • Nicole Andreassi
  • Anne Cantwell
  • Carolyn Feldschuh
  • Nicole Andreassi
  • Julie Jacobs
  • Anne Lachcik
  • Donna Mancuso
  • Ginnie Alestra
  • Chris Becker
  • Irene Corulla
  • Linda Gorniok
  • Ellen Greaves
  • Gracie Panousis
  • Barbara Sinkoff



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