Joining the Long Island Sound Chorus is really quite easy.

What we suggest is that you come visit us and spend an evening enjoying the harmonies we so love. At your first visit, we will fill you in on all the details it takes to join the chorus, (too much to list here) and what is expected of our members. Yes, dedication is expected, but very little time is required to perfect our craft, and the best part about being a member of Sweet Adelines is it is a relative inexpensive art form. When you think of what it costs to be a member of a bowling team, a dart team, softball, soccer or other sport, we are usually less expensive. Yes, some travel is part of our experience, but only optional. We do compete every year, but this too is optional, however, once a person becomes a member of this fabulous organization and learns just how much fun it is, most members want to be involved in all aspects. Why not come visit us and learn all about it for yourself. We are like a family and would love to have you become one of our sisters! For a map to get to our rehearsal location, please see below the “contact” page . Contact Our Membership Coordinator Nicole Andreassi at membership.lisound@gmail.comĀ for more info.